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PERSONAL DATA Fair Processing Policy

(in plain English)


This page is clearly stating how personal data will be collected,  handled and used by Holiday Within.


Personal Data = any information that could help identify a person like:

name, email, phone number, photographs, videos, postal address, credit card details, date of birth, IP, Facebook ID.


This is all about respectful and considerate use of data, in accordance to the new GDPR law taking effect on the 25th May 2018.

What  data is being collected?

Why is being collected?

Who is collecting it?

How will it be used?

What will be the effects of this on the individuals concerned? 


Holiday Within is a one person small business, dealing with clients mainly on to one to one basis or in the context of small workshops.

The personal data that is being collected in digital and hard copy format consists of: name, email, phone number, postal address, date of birth, Facebook ID. Occasionally, pictures and videos will be used for marketing purposes and only with the clear permission of the people depicted.

Credit Card information will be handled by PayPal if using the eShop on



Holiday Within collects data in order to create a client database and have a back and forth dialogue with clients that are interested to stay in touch, learn, book, re-book and engage.


Holiday Within uses different methods to collect personal data. Here is a list of all of different sources and platforms:

A. Hard Copy Records in the form of Consultation Forms completed on first visit.

B. Mailing List powered by Mail Chimp

C. Moonfruit (website platform for stores the name, email through the Contact Form.

D. Treatwell (online booking service) stores names, emails and phone numbers in Holiday Within's Calendar.

E. List of contacts saved in the mobile phone, including names and phone numbers.

F. Holiday Within's Facebook Business page records Facebook ID's and names from any exchange of private messages.



The data will be used for:


   *  sending massage reminders in text format every 4-6 weeks if a client has not re-booked for that time.


   * sending after massage check-in text messages a day or two after a treatment has been received to show interest for the client's wellbeing and welcome any constructive feedback.


   * keeping clients updated on massage specials, new treatments, demo days and upcoming workshops via text and mail newsletter.


   * occasionally sending a birthday or holiday (ex: Christmas, Easter) text message, mail or gift by post.


   * credit card details will only be used to charge clients for any massage treatments, Gift Vouchers, workshop tickets they purchased via the eShop on


   * postal addresses will only be used to send a hard copy Gift Voucher, requested promo items (flyers, brochures etc) or birthday gifts



The clients who have positively opt-in via the Contact Form, in a consent text message or in the Consultation Form, for their data to be used by Holiday Within for the purposes mentioned above will be kept up to date with how Holiday Within is developing. They will have priority in finding out about promotions, upcoming events or new treatments.


The clients have the right to ask for a full report of the data Holiday Within holds on them and Holiday Within will provide free of charge a full record in a maximum of 72 hours from the inquiry.


The clients also can request for any or all data to be removed and permanently deleted and Holiday Within will immediately respect their wishes and comply to never be in touch again.

What measures have been put in place to insure the date is safely stored?

> The hard copies (consultation forms) are stored in a new Fireproof, Waterproof and Locked Safe Box.


> All forms will only be stored for a maximum of 7 years, time after which they will be burned.


> All digital correspondence coming from www.holidaywithin,com Contact Form will be recorded in an Incognito Folder.


> All passwords will be changed every three months on all platforms (Facebook, Moonfruit, Treatwell, Yahoo Mail, Mail Chimp)


> The laptop and smartphone used for business purposes have a newly installed Anti Virus  (Norton Security Delux with Nordon Identity Safe and Norton Wi-fii Privacy) to prevent any suspicious third parties have access to the data.


> Holiday Within is now registered with ICO (Information Commissioner's Office).