Holiday Within



Women's Circle with 6-Hands Massage

A precious chance to be honest, to have 6 loving hands on you, to engage with your senses again, to let any emotional nodes melt from your body and free your headspace.



Let this experience sooth and feed every dried up part of you, any place in which love has died in you.



Now it's the time to step into all you can be, as a woman and have your back supported.



Don't forget to pm me and let me know you are interested.

Togetherness and honest sharing, maybe a few dances and hugs to warm the heart.

Massage, cuddles and meditation at their best <3 :)

Our next Massage & Meditation Gathering for Friends is happening in 2 weeks at the colourful and warm Little Egypt Studio.


Do you resonate with the above and want to actively let your body know it's ok? Do reach out with a PM.

I can then reserve you a cushion for this afternoon of natural connection. x


THEME :  "Let the world touch you with love through the warm hannds of others"




When: future dates to be confirmed

Time: -

Venue: -

Price: £45

BOOKING ESSENTIAL. (send a message to reserve your spot)