Holiday Within



Art of Feminine Presence

So many women struggle to be seen, heard and valued in an easeful feminine way.

Many women end up burned out, resentful or building a protection shell around them in order to cope. I have myself been on a journey of allowing my authentic voice and expression free and have found immense value and comfort in the embodiment practices I have learned in the Feminine Leadership and Spirituality six months course I just completed.


I am going to take this a step further and travel all the way to Japan to train as a teacher so I can pass on this amazing wisdom to other women around the world. I feel this new knowledge complements my holistic massage and meditation existing practice as well as my personal growth.

Turning up the glow in Japan


Massage World Tour 2021

Massage gone global.  Sharing the power of touch.

Conscious touch is food for the soul.


There are people today who go months, maybe years without being touched. Massage is considered a form of luxury, a treat, pampering. I believe, it isn't.

It is the most basic form of kindness and human connection.


I want to go and share this with the world in 2021. I will be massaging as I travel and will set up a charity for helping children coming from abusive or dysfunctional families with some of the money I will make along the way. (some people will afford to pay for the treatments, others will just receive)


All I need is my hands, a loving heart, a bottle of oil and a lot of courage. :)