Holiday Within




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Massage can offer you the space and safety, so you can resource yourself in pure let go. 



We often have the idea that we need to go someplace, ideally exotic, to charge our batteries. We go on holiday to gather inspiration, rest our bones and hopefully come back recharged, invigorated and full of zest for life.


This is one way to do it, and not always the case, as we all know the feeling of needing another holiday after just returning from one... Sometimes the only way out is IN.


At Holiday Within, I  as a therapist, believe that exploring the inner landscapes of your being while having a massage can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, especially because we live in a world where we are constantly stimulated from outside and we can easily disconnect from our true feelings and desires.


Therefore,  I am creating this safe, nurturing, quiet and warm cocoon like space for you to get back in touch, literally, to your core.


The result is that the more connected we are with ourselves, the more connected we feel to others. We have purpose, we have natural energy to change the things that don't work and nourish the ones that serve us.  


When we realign, our whole life follows and we can get back up on top of the wave.



 © Indian Elephant Swimming Underwater – Steve Bloom


What massage does for you?

  • Melting muscle nodes and reestablishing fluidity in the joints.  


  • More flow of oxygen and nutrients & flushing out toxins in the cells.


  • A sense of harmony and deep peace in your whole being.


  • Feeling respected and accepted.


  • Feeling rested, lighter and calmer.