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Japanese Face Massage

This massage used to be a secret that only the royalties in the palaces of Japan knew about. Shhh!  Empresses and the samurais used it as a way to maintain a youthful and natural glow that comes from the inside out.


First of all, the massage relaxes all the upper part of the body: shoulders, neck, head and face.


Certain pressure points are stimulated to unblock all the main energy pathways in the body before going into the actual massage.


It is like having a full body massage through the face!


The strokes used vary in pressure and speed and are always upwards, giving the face a natural lifting and helping it feel soft and rejuvenated again.


The positive benefits can be seen after the first session, and a course of 10 sessions is recommended for a total face make over.


The skin becomes more firm, toned, looks bright and becomes refined in texture.


The natural face lifting  ...


Andra went to Madrid to learn at the Japanese School of Shiatsu what makes this massage special.