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Intuitive Flow Massage

The Intuitive Flow Massage is a fusion of Swedish & Hot Stones massage techniques. Each massage is custom tailored to your needs and the movements emerge from me being in the moment, totally present with you!


A regular session lasts for 1.5 hours and consists of a full body massage (back, shoulders & neck, legs, feet, chest and stomach) which involves a mix of gentle to medium pressure strokes , as well as strokes with basalt stones heated in water slightly above body temperature.


The mix of the two techniques gives a deeper massage to the whole body, creating sensations of comfort, security and warmth.


To enhance a certain mood to the whole experience I also use aromatherapy oils (like eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, lavender etc) and organic base oils (coconut, grape seed or , for chocolate fans, coco butter)


Melt into a puddle of bliss...

Thanks Andra, the massage of yesterday was a great relaxing experience, I think it's something I really needed and I have slept very good tonight. I am looking forward to repeat it again soon. Thank so much and I highly recommend this experience to everyone...sometimes we forget take time for ourselves. "