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Alchemy of Touch

The Alchemy of Touch is a body work method created by Tapesh Paradiso who, after his 26 years of experience in the field, weaved the best elements out of Eastern and Western styles of massages to bring to life this UNIQUE and COMPLETE TREATMENT.


The massage combines relaxing holistic strokes, deep tissue in motion, Thai yoga stretches, digital pressure, energy work and meditation.


By releasing the physical tensions, the more subtle life energy (chi, prana) is unblocked and encouraged to flow freely through the whole body revitalizing, soothing and healing.


This is a deeply re-balancing massage that follows both an artistic (intuitive, attuned) and scientific approach (understanding the anatomy and nervous system).


An Alchemy of Touch session lasts 1h- 1.5h and it is performed with warm coconut oil on a heated professional massage couch.


I had the honour to train in the winter of 2014 and 2016 in Goa, India with Tapesh Paradiso himself and I am the only practitioner offering this type of body work in Edinburgh, as far as I am aware of.


Looking forward to sharing this precious experience with you!




Where touch becomes art  ...


I can highly recommend The Alchemy of Touch massage. It's was like an energetic osteopath realigning my body on all levels and amazing nurturing intuitive touch. "