Holiday Within



Andra Dobrescu

I deeply care about creating a safe space where others can have full permission to rest deeply and be nourished. For me, massage and conscious touch are gateways that lead to effortless meditation and entry points into the subconscious. Meditation is the deepest form of rest human beings are capable of. Here is where the magic happens, where emotions get transformed and tensions dissolve. By working on the body, I help the mind unwind. The emotions get soothed and the whole person returns to balance.


I encourage my clients to make massage and conscious touch a priority in their lives so they can get the doing and being balance right and benefit from a sense of well-being and contentment as a consequence.


I am passionate about the mind body connection and how each cell of our body has a memory. I am privileged to watch every day how people melt and soften their hearts when being witnessed with kindness, respect and genteness.


I believe in authenticity and in the simple power of touch and the bond it creates between people that no words can every reach.


I had the honor to trained in body work in India with Tapesh Paradiso in the winter of 2014 and 2016. I studied "The Alchemy of Touch" in a small group and before that I have massaged purely out of love and guided by my intuition for three years.

Founder and Therapist at Holiday Within.


Today, I offer session from my private practice in LONGSTONE, south of Edinburgh.


I also organize Art of Zen seasonal Wellness Day Retreats and offer one-to one Art of Feminine Presence coaching sessions.


In 2021 I am planning to organize a Massage World Tour and share my gift with people that could never afford a massage otherwise. This is my way of contributing to creating more love on the planet. More on that project coming up soon.


In October 2019 , Andra finished

the highest level training in the UK

in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage

with Jing Academy.




In January 2016 Andra qualified as a teacher

in the Art of Feminine Presence and Leadership

and she is offering one to one sessions and

workshops in Edinburgh.