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4 Hands Massage

Two experienced therapists skillfully, fluidly working your body from head to toe, sometimes synchronized, sometimes in contrast – always in harmony.


The sensation of having two sets of hands massaging you at once is beyond words, stretching you in a way that only four hands can – melting tensions, opening space, re-balancing and realigning. Your brain can’t follow all the hands so you naturally arrive to a place where your mind and body give up their contractions, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and revitalized.


The  Four-Hands Massage Experience has been developed through our collective experience of practicing bodywork and meditation for the last few years. It is a dynamic fusion of what we have discovered to be the most beneficial elements of Eastern/ Western bodywork and mindfulness.


We are combining gentle and deep tissue techniques, Thai yoga stretches, pressure points, breath work, holding and rocking of the body and co creating a unique form of massage experience that will leave you speechless.


Ashley has trained in Thailand in Reflexology and Traditional & Oil Thai Massage.

I have trained in India in Alchemy of Touch and have worked as a therapist for the past nearly 3 years.


The 4 Hands Massage session lasts for 1 hour.

The client receives the benefit of a two hours massage in half the time.

4 Hands Massage created by Ashley and Andra

The ultimate treat.


The hour massage I received was amazing!! Really welcoming and a relaxed atmosphere created. The four hand massage felt at times like there was one person carrying it out as the flow of the massage was so symmetric. Would definitely recommend for others to try as you will feel so refreshed after it.





Advance Booking is Essential!

An absolutely perfect way to deeply relax and let any stress melt away. The massage studio is a quiet and beautiful sanctuary in the city and benefits from easy, free parking right on the door step. Andra and Ashley are very welcoming and professional. This was a very different experience to receiving a traditional massage from one person. The massage was choreographed with absolute precision, my body felt like the canvas for a symmetrical painting of touch. You cant help but let your mind fall quiet and immerse into deep relaxation. I'd strongly recommend this massage for everybody! All the benefits of a traditional massage with a completely unique element. I'll certainly be booking in again-this experience would also make a unique gift! Thanks so much Ashley & Andra, I feel amazing!