Holiday Within


3 hours Total Immersion

I have designed this experience for you to immerse into a meaningful and pleasurable journey of the senses through massage.


We will start with a one hour Elements Massage to open and stimulate the life energy in the body. Then, we can share a cup of organic chai on the grass and transition into a 1.5 hours warm oil Alchemy of Touch re-balancing massage.

At the end you'll be woken up by the gentle sound of bells and fresh smell of eucalyptus and sage.


There will be time for integration and sharing before your go back into the world.


My intention is to facilitate a full body mind experience, intuitively tailored to you, in the most safe, kind and comforting environment.


** 3 Hours Holiday Within Total Immersion Experience **


This is an excellent gift idea for anybody you love who could do with some quality rest and nurture.  


The price for the session is £199.



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A full body mind journey  ...

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