Holiday Within

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10AM- 5PM

A handcrafted, intimate, phone-free, nurturing day of  YOGA , SOUND BATH and tailored MASSAGES.

Who is this Wellness Retreat for?

If you ...

- want time to look after yourself, unwind and clear your mind
- to recharge and revitalize your personal energy
- a space to open your heart and to let go of what does not serve you
- would like to feel more grounded and focused
- would like to give a gift to someone who needs it
- would like to receive some suggestions about maintaining optimum health and well-being

...then this retreat is for YOU!

This event aims to create a cosy safe nurturing space for you to revive your energy as well as detox body & mind.

During the retreat you will have an experience of:

> Meditative massage with organic essential oils individually tailored to you

> Yoga Workshop suitable for all levels with chanting, mediation and restorative Yoga Nidra by Bijam

>  A Dreamy and Restorative Gong Bath Sound Journey by Glen Todd

> Breath Work, Mandras.

> Space for contemplation and journaling

> Homemade nibbles and warm drinks .

> Fresh tea brews, fruit, home bakes and energy snacks are all included

Come and join us to relax, reset, rejuvenate, heal, energise and transform!

The NOVEMBER Wellness Team:

Natalia Duncan, Sinking Into Bliss, Holistic Massage Therapist

Andra Dobrescu, Holiday Within, Holistic Massage Therapist

BIjam, yoga teacher at Yoga with Bijam

Glen Todd, sound journey facilitator

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See you at Santosa in November! <3