Holiday Within


Working the body layer by layer.


What is "layered touch"?


I am using different tones & degrees of touch (pressure, intention, techniques) , from gross (muscles, joints) to subtle (emotions, energy, soul), covering the whole spectrum of humanity that you are.


Why "layered massage" ("toned touch"):


For a more integral, complete and holistic experience that touches deeply all aspects of yourself.


For having the opportunity to reintegrate and transform difficult emotions, memories or past trauma still stored in the cells and muscle memory, in a safe, non judgemental space.


For resourcing from inside out, so that action and creativity can spring naturally from deep rest.


For re-balancing both sides of the brain (the creative and the logical) and encouraging the life energy (chi, prana) to flow freely through your body and reestablish vitality.


For getting out of the head and into your true personal power.

Choose a fair price.

I believe massage is not a luxury, but a necessity.


At Holiday Within I want to give everyone the opportunity the receive a quality treatment regardless of their income. Naturally, there has to be an exchange, however what you pay will always stay in line with your budget.

At the end of the session you get to choose a price that feels fair to you according to how much you have enjoyed the treatment and how much you can afford.  


As a guideline, those are the suggested treatment prices :





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Holiday Within

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1h-  £70

1.5h - £90

2 hours -   £120