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Hi, I am Andra.



What’s my superpower?


I am a highly sensitive and attuned massage therapist. I work with soft and deep tissue. And integrate meditation and massage.


I  trained in India, Spain and Japan.

And just finished the highest level training in the UK in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage with Jing Academy





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        Your body is a temple, I shall treat it that way.


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    Holiday Within

       Roslin, Edinburgh  See Map


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- prices from £35 -

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Holiday Within Massage and Meditation is a home-based massage therapy studio in Roslin, Edinburgh - 10-minutes walk from Roslin Chapel and gorgeous Roslin Glen .


The massage  space is an oasis of warm, safe and quiet .


Airy, colourful and sprinkled with oriental details and fresh plants.


Andra, your massage therapist,  has a respectful, meditative and nurturing approach and has trained with the founder of Alchemy of Touch, Tapesh Paradiso.


She also trained with Jing Academy, the highest level of massage training in the UK, in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage.


She will attentively listen to your needs and intuitively tailoring massages to heal and realign the physical body and soul.


Two buses stop a few minutes walk away from the studio: 37 and 140.


Free parking in front of the building.

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Because the lockdown, I have  transitioned to Online Wellness at Home Sessions.

Zoom - Whatsup Video - Skype (you choose what you feel most comfortable with)


Recommended especially for :




I also work with HIP and KNEES PAIN, as well as ANXIETY, DEPRESSION.




In those sessions I teach you empowering self-treatment tools like self-massage, stretched, trigger points and meditation/ simple CBT for managing pain and emotional turmoil.


I also design treatment plans of 3- sessions for best results.




The first session is absolutely FREE. And you can book a trail here.

Select Home Guided Massage (trial) from the options.


Any subsequent sessions are 45-minute and priced at £35 ( 40% off my hourly rate).